PLS Slitters

Our exclusive micro-adjustable slitters are regarded by virtually all who use them as the finest in-line slitters available.

The following features provide the most accurate cut and highest quality finish available.

Our exclusive slitting system is propriatary and only available on PLS laminators.

The unique blade angle adjustment allows for a perfect edge cut without curl.

The slitting process takes place near the cooling fans. This cools the blade preventing build-up of adhesive on the blade.

These slitters are standard with every PL-1200hp and PL-227hp laminators and as an option for every laminator we make.

This system in its factory configuration allows for a minimum cut width as narrow as 3" with reconfiguration it is capapble of less than 1" film width.

This unique system allows for the installation of additional slitting heads for splitting or slitting multiple pages side by side. Especially useful for unusual jobs, this permits the operator to increase the output yield per foot of film.