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12" Laminator Models

Table Top PL 1200hp heated roll Laminator
PL 1200 hot Laminator and Stand

Three variations of the 12" laminator.

PLS's 12” laminators are designed to meet the needs of the many users employing sheet fed printers as nearly all output has one dimension under 12”.  The PL-1200 is a carefully designed and appointed commercial laminating system capable of consistently rendering professional performance and superb finish quality.  Whether you need to laminate thin film on one side for a paper or synthetic book cover, run a thousand menus with 3 mil. or encapsulate 10 mil. ID badges or signs, the PL-1200 is up to the task.  The PL-1200 is equally content running polyester, nylon, polypropylene vinyl films and other plastic films.  The standard PL-1200 includes a stand, two side slitters and 3” mandrels

Accessories such as slitters and extra slitter heads, liner take-up winder and extra mandrels are available to meet the special needs of certain customers.

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