ProLam Laminators


The PL-227 Laminator is particularly suited for general laminating and mounting, this 27" laminator is capable of laminating and mounting on one side or two using 1 mil through 10 mil films on materials up to 1/4" thick. Because of the unique thermal response of our laminating rollers all PLS laminators are perfectly suited for mounting or laminating, short runs or long.

This unique and capable thermal response is only one of the features that set this 27" laminators apart from the rest that use heated rollers. Many other heated roll laminators and heat shoe laminators utilize antiquated technology that "runs out" of heat after a few turns of the rollers, sometimes only a couple of feet, rendering successful lamination impossible. Due to the novel placement of our heaters the heat that is available when lamination begins is the heat that is available when it ends Our Revolution Series Rollers are not only designed to produce consistent and perfect thermal output they actually get "used to" the project that they are working on.

"Don't expect our exclusive Revolution Series Rollers to run out of heat before you run out of work."

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