ProLam Laminators

Revolution Series Rollers

Our patented heated laminating rollers were designed to provide a superior finish, excellent durability and ease of cleaning, while still being affordable.

Another benefit of this design is ultra-fast warm up times--from room temperature to 250 deg. “F” in less than five minutes--high performance laminator models are ready to run in less than 3 minutes. This means that you can turn your machine on when you need it... and off when you don't.

The laminating process utilizes a considerable amount of energy inherent in all processes requiring considerable amounts of heat. Remember, if a commercial laminator is putting out thousands of Btu's of heat when not in actual use, your air-conditioning system is putting out even more Btu's of cooling capacity in a vain attempt to cool your facility. This wasted energy can add up to thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary utility costs.

Our Revolution Series rollers are covered with the finest silicone rubber available, specifically formulated for our applications. Final grinding and polishing is accomplished with computerized equipment to insure absolute accuracy and consistency of the finished roller.

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