5 Minute Warm-up

The PL-1200hp warm up time is about 3-1/2 minutes.

Most laminators in this price category take from 15 to 20 minutes to warm up, some even longer. In fact we know of no other laminator in any class that comes close to our exclusive heated roll technology A lengthy warm up time often results in machines being energized all day long.  When left on for extended periods, not only is the laminator trying to heat the room, the air conditioning system is trying to cool it.  Running a heater and an air conditioner simultaneously doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The warm up time of a laminator is indicative of its ability to replace heat in the laminating cycle.  Laminate and the material being laminated draws heat away from the rollers.  A fast warm up time equates to higher and more predictable performance levels. Rapid and accurate thermal response and controllability is necessary for the best possible finish and maximum yield. It also makes the operators job much easier.

The PL-1200 is capable of maintaining a temperature range of just a couple of degrees from set point.  Few if any machines in or even near the price range of the PL-1200 are capable of coming close to this temperature accuracy. Having to guess what an unstable temperature control system is going to do next is extremely difficult to predict, resulting in a poor quality finished product due to over and under heating.

When you or a customer needs a job laminated in a hurry, the PL-1200 is up to the task because of the fast warm up time and high performance envelope of the machine.

Finally, a note about how we rate our laminators.  When we say fast warm up we are talking about a start temperature of 70 deg. and target temperature of 250 deg.  The moment these machine reach the desired set point, it is ready to laminate consistently for the length of your production run.  The accurate responses of our machines greatly reduce the learning curve for the operator---resulting in maximum output and minimum, if any, loss of product due to poor quality lamination.